Jul 092010

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I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for the collection that was done to help towards the cost of my stay in hospital in Tenerife.  It was much appreciated and took a weight off our shoulders whilst we were struggling to cope with being stuck in a foreign country!  Mum and Gaz were brought to tears by the kindness of you all so thanks very much!  I’m much better now and managed to go into work for a few hours today for the first time (09 July 2010).

Particular thanks to Lynsey and Dave who helped us out a lot with help over the phone!

Once again, thanks very much.


Mar 232010

Welcome to the new Bigfamily website.  There will be lots to come over the coming months, new features, more pictures and lots more. 

Keep visiting.  In the meantime, to get to your email, click http://webmail.bigfamily.org.uk

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